Grace Helbig Wants Her E! Talk Show to Feel Interactive

AP Images/Invision
Grace Helbig

Comedy and talk show 'The Grace Helbig Show' premieres Friday, April 3.

What's the biggest difference between YouTube star Grace Helbig and TV talk show host Grace Helbig? A little better grooming. 

"I tried to the best of my abilities at home to look like I showered, but E! takes it to a whole new level," the comedian joked during NBC's summer press day. "I'm cleaner on TV than I am on the Internet."

Helbig is set to host a weekly talk show for the cable network. The Grace Helbig Show premieres on Friday, April 3, at 10:30 p.m. 

Helbig, who has built an audience of more than 2 million on YouTube with her comedy vlogs and sketches, said she hopes to bring some of her online audience to television. "Being a conduit between these two worlds is a big part of what I hope to accomplish," she said. 

Unlike now-departed E! talk show host Chelsea Handler, who starred in daily talk show Chelsea Lately for eight years on the network, Helbig won't shoot in front of a live audience. Instead, Helbig's set is dressed to look like the inside of a home. The first episode will feature Aisha Taylor and YouTube stars Mamrie Hart and Flula Borg.

Helbig said she's already been talking with her fans to get their feedback on the show, including asking for advice about what she should say when she signs off each night. "The biggest goal I have in this show is trying to make a TV show feel interactive," she said. "What I love about the digital space is the intimacy you have as a content creator, the conversations that are two-way." 

Helbig has encouraged her fans, a primarily young audience known for watching YouTube more often than they turn on the TV, to watch her show when it premieres. She said she she's encouraging viewership by making the audience "feel like their voice can be heard." 

"I want those people that don't necessarily want to go out (on weekends) to feel like they have a place to go," she added. "That they can hang in with me, and it's just as much fun as going out." 

If her show takes off, she already has a few dream guests in mind, including Dwayne Johnson. "I think that he's cool," she said, adding that he "seems like a very warm, welcoming" personality.