'Grace of Monaco' U.K. Teaser Shows Nicole Kidman as the Starlet-Turned-Princess (Video)

The first look at the upcoming film also offers glimpses of the luxurious life of the royal family in Monaco.

The U.K. teaser trailer for Nicole Kidman's turn as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco has debuted online.

In the minute-long clip, viewers get brief glimpses of Kidman as the Hollywood starlet-turned-princess dancing in the shadows, silhouetted as she walks down a hallway, in an intimate moment at a table, asleep on the bed and walking up stairs at a formal event.

But the first full look at the princess doesn't occur until the end of the video, when she removes her sunglasses and is shown standing in front of a microphone.

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The clip also features images of her luxurious surroundings in Monaco.

Throughout the trailer, a voice-over says: "Long after the house of Grimaldi has fallen, the world's going to remember your name, your highness. You are the fairy tale, the serenity to which we all aspire. And peace will come when you embrace the roles for which you were destined to play. For no matter where you are in years to come, they will continue to whisper your name: the Princess Grace."

Grace of Monaco is being released by The Weinstein Co. in the U.S., where the film will receive a limited release Nov. 27, and Warner Bros. in the U.K., which will release the film Nov. 29.