Graham tops N.Y. AFTRA local

Actor elected to second two-year term as president

The results of AFTRA's New York local elections are in.

Actor Holter Graham has been elected to a second two-year term as president of the New York local. Sally Winters, Anne Gartlan, Ed Fry, Janette Gautier and Dave Browde were elected as vps; Mitchell McGuire as treasurer; and Lainie Cooke as recording secretary.

Elected to three-year terms on the local board of directors were Roberta Reardon, David Alan Basche, Karla Denise Moore, John Leyman, Harry Peerce and Ruth Last; announcers Tracy Spinney and Christopher Cook; specialty act Mierre; singers Catherine Russell and Frank Simms; and sportscaster Don Gould. Kathy Keane was elected to a one-year term in the announcer category.

Elected to represent New York with four-year terms on the national board of directors are actors Reardon, Fry, Gartlan, McGuire, Leslie Shreve, Robert Newman and Richard Ferrone. In the singer-dancer-specialty act category, Mierre earned a four-year term.

The 2,463 valid ballots cast were tabulated by the American Arbitration Assn.
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