Grammy Fashion: In Defense of Adele's, Katy Perry's Red Carpet Looks

Adele Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez Grammy Split - H 2013
Christopher Polk/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Adele Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez Grammy Split - H 2013

We found Adele's Valentino floral dress charming, but wish Jennifer Lopez would expand her fashion repertoire.

You can't please all of the people all of the time -- we've certainly learned that in the midst of elections. You can barely please half the country half the time. But it's gotten even worse with fashion at awards shows -- everyone's got an opinion, and some of them are very loud. But just because "the net" doesn't like someone's outfit or look, does that mean it really doesn't work? Majority does not work when it comes to fashion -- the strength isn't in the numbers, actually.

The majority doesn't necessarily rule when it comes to clothes. Fashion opinions are either all valid -- or none at all -- but we require the criticism we take seriously to come from a trained eye -- one that watches collections, knows designers -- not the peanut gallery blogging away because they don't like floral dresses or want to see every woman in a bikini of a dress.

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We found Adele's Valentino floral fit n' flare dress absolutely charming. In fact, there's little this talented British breath of unpretentious fresh air can do wrong in our eyes. She's a fashion babe in the woods -- remember, this is a woman who wore solid-black dresses for about two years till she became the best-selling pop artist in the world. Now she can wear whatever she likes, and she seems more interested in having fun than pleasing Vogue editors all across the world. She and her dress were having more fun at the Grammys than anyone else -- except J.T. (his two-tone shoes were the best Grammy accessory, and boy, do his moves make them look good, or vice versa) -- and all those Valentino rose tones were just so happy. Looking at Adele was like looking at an English rose garden.

Katy Perry might have been trying to throw CBS's modesty rules back in their (or our) faces, but in the midst of her cleavage act of defiance, she might not have realized she was wearing the new color of the season: Some call it pistachio, others call it mint. We call it hot and fresh, a bracing minty mouthwash of a color. So, trying to be a rebel, Katy? That was actually a rather mainstream choice. How novel would she have looked without showing the cleavage? THAT would have been an act of rebellion!

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For those who thought Beyonce too buttoned-up: Well, she showed her stuff at the Super Bowl and knew we didn't need to see it again. Her black-and-white optical, simple jumpsuit was so chic and fresh -- this is the way fashionistas will dress this spring. She's confident enough to go babe-diva, or grown-up chic. The woman has style range. And style range -- well, that's real style.

Which is more (so much more) than you can say about Jennifer Lopez. As with her acting, she has a fashion range of about a millimeter -- sexy, sexy, skin and more skin -- how predictable can you get? Why can't she leave that job to Megan Fox at this point? Lopez's shrunken asymmetrical Anthony Vaccarello dress (the French designer is sold in L.A. at Just One Eye on Romaine St. if you like buying half a piece of clothing) made her look twice as large as she is, and twice as silly. And that's saying something. But not what we wanted to hear.