Grammys 2013: Jennifer Lopez Shocked at CBS Memo, Claims She Just Showed 'a Little Leg'

Jennifer Lopez Right Leg - P 2013
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Jennifer Lopez Right Leg - P 2013

The singer was surprised at the language in the fashion memo and sees nothing wrong with her Angelina Jolie-style right leg reveal.

Jennifer Lopez is a day late and a few dollars short with her Angelina Jolie-style right leg Grammy stance. 

Her slit to crotch-level black gown created by Anthony Vaccarelllo certainly looked like a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen on the Grammy red carpet.

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But she played coy with E! host Ryan Seacrest Sunday night, claiming that she had followed the CBS fashion rules released via email last week. 

"They said nothing about the legs! I thought I was being such a good girl! A little shoulder and a little leg," she said.  

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But when she was asked to take part in the E! Mani-Cam and walk her artistically manicured fingers down the miniature red carpet, she carefully placed her designer bag in front of her crotch. "That's a little too close," she told Seacrest. And indeed it was.

Of the CBS memo, she said she was appalled at the language used. "It mentioned things I don't even say in my house around my children," she elaborated. 

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