Grammys Beauty: Haim's '70s Hair Is So Cool

Haim Hair - H 2015

Haim Hair - H 2015

The sisterly trio kept it long and loose, just how we like it.

Sister trio and new Taylor Swift besties Haim did not deviate from their standard long, loose and parted-in-the-middle hair — even for the Grammys.

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The group lost out on the coveted best new artist award but won in the style department, stepping onto the Grammys carpet wearing a mix of Stella McCartney and Chloe. Their hair — a signature part of their look — is the same as when they’re wearing denim cutoffs and plaid button-downs, posing in Instagram pics with Swift or Stevie Nicks.

The hair is part of their '70s folk singer image, not to mention the ubiquitous style among L.A. girls (the sisters are also from L.A.). So, how does one manage to get the effortless, wavy style while also still assuring it’s red carpet worthy? (read: maybe a little less stringy and with a little more oomph). 


“This kind of hair is better when it’s not freshly washed,” says Jose Eber, hair stylist and owner of Jose Eber Beverly Hills. “Freshly washed hair will have too many fly-aways.”

He adds that a texture spray or styling cream will give the strands the right amount of definition and to use it toward the ends of the hair throughout the entire head.

“This kind of hair reminds me of the rock era of the '60s and '70s and Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks,” he says. “Today it’s meant to look effortless, but there’s really a lot of work put into it, it’s more refined. Even when it looks carefree, there’s work. Back then, it really was carefree.”