Grammys Beauty: Sharp Cat Eyes for the Win

Katy Ariana Madonna - Split

Katy Ariana Madonna - Split

Shapely cat-eye makeup made a statement on the lids of Ariana Grande, Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga at the Grammys.

This was more than just a little Taylor Swift-inspired 1950s feline flick — more like an aggressive and elongated black line to rival, say, Katy Perry's heavily beaded Zuhair Murad dress or Madonna's costume-y Givenchy matador getup.


"To accentuate and enhance Madonna's eyes, I used Chantecaille 24H Waterproof Liner in black," says her makeup artist, Gina Brooke. "I started at the inner corner of the eye and worked outward toward the outer corner, elongating the line of the eye."


For Madonna's stage performance, Brooke applied Le Stylo Ultra Slim Liquid Liner also by Chantecaille in black because of its water-resistant quality and intensified color to stand up to the strong stage lights.


To get Lady Gaga's cat eye, her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, used a hefty amount of Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil in black along with packed-on metallic green eye shadow.



Ariana Grande's cat eye stood out because the singer's hair was slicked back tightly. The feline-like beauty detail would have gone perfectly with Grande's beloved cat-ear headband, but thankfully the pop star left those at home and opted instead for a high ponytail — a welcome hairstyle compared to her ever-present half pigtails.