Grammys: Eagles' Glenn Frey Honored With "Take It Easy" Performance

The singer-guitarist died last month in New York.

The Grammys paid tribute to Glenn Frey on Monday night, nearly a month after the Eagles co-founder and singer-guitarist died.

Frey died Jan. 18 in New York of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. To honor him, Eagles co-founders Don Henley and Bernie Leadon and guitarist Joe Walsh, bassist Tim Schmit and Jackson Browne took the Grammys stage for a performance of "Take It Easy."

"Take it Easy" was the Eagles' first single, released in May 1972. The song written almost entirely by Browne with some lyrics added by Frey when the pair roomed together in an East L.A. apartment block in the '70s. The tune became an enduring hit for the Eagles after it appeared on the group’s self-titled debut album. Browne later recorded it for his 1973 album, For Everyman

“I wrote this song with Glenn Frey,” Browne said last month when he performed the song in Frey's honor. “It’s a song that I started, but I didn’t finish it. Even if I had finished it by myself, it wouldn’t be the song that it is, and it wouldn’t be the song that we all love.”

Lars Brandle of Billboard contributed to this report.