Grammys Fashion: Pharrell Wants to Carry Your Bags to Your Room

Pharrell Grammys Performance - P 2015

Pharrell Grammys Performance - P 2015

His performance outfit influences include military style, bellboy chic and uh, Dorothy's glittery shoes. Don't forget to leave him a tip.

Apparently what makes Pharrell happy is creating controversy with his one-of-a-kind fashion choices. The Grammy winner donned a military-inspired jacket, fitted shorts, a hat that seemed to reference The Grand Budapest Hotel and sparkling silver glitter-covered sneakers with bright yellow laces for his performance of "Happy" alongside Hans Zimmer and Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang.

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This comes after his earlier red-carpet ensemble by Adidas that consisted of a shorts suit made entirely out of 3M, so when light — or camera flashes — hit it the gray fabric turned bright white. 

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The shin show is nothing new: In the preshow, Pharrell admitted his affinity for shorts suits — "it’s like, my thing," he said. But the glittery shoes? And that bellboy cap? All we have to say is very interesting.