Grammys Grooming Forecast: The Bowl Cut Is Back

Imagine Dragons - Ben McKee - P 2015

Imagine Dragons - Ben McKee - P 2015

Hairstylist Sunnie Brook explains how to re-create the 1960s-inspired look she gave Imagine Dragons' Ben McKee.

The other hot haircut for guys' Grammy night? A less perfect version of the 1960s bowl cut, which resurfaced on the Tom Ford runway. Hairstylist Sunnie Brook explains how to re-create the look she gave Imagine Dragons' Ben McKee.



1. Pin sections of damp hair away from the neck and forehead. Use clippers to buzz the hair just above the ears, along the skull bone and down the neck to one-eighth to one-quarter-inch long. 

2. Unclip top section of hair and cut the ends to create a bowl shape around the head. There should be some weight in the line to add definition. 

3. Part hair on the side and cut front sections short to long so that it swings across the face. After blowdrying, finish with Fatboy Perfect Putty to create separation and shine ($18; 

This story first appeared in the Feb. 7 issue of Billboard magazine.