Grammys Hair: Let's Talk About Keith Urban's Ponytail

Keith Urban - H 2015

Keith Urban - H 2015

The Aussie country singer could have used a little extra grooming help before hitting the Grammys carpet.

There’s ways for guys to look cool with long hair (ahem, Jared Leto) and then there’s ways to not look so cool. Unfortunately, country singer Keith Urban was channeling more of the latter with his a-little-too-sloppy half-ponytail at Sunday’s Grammy Awards

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Though his chest tattoo–revealing all-black Lanvin ensemble had the rocker vibe down pat, the too-perfect blond highlights in his shoulder-length hair perhaps made the double nominee appear as if he was trying too hard. Or maybe he simply has too many layers to make a good ponytail.  

Regardless, the Aussie could have used a little attention from whoever styled his better half, Nicole Kidman’s impeccable lob. It also might have helped if he shaved off the soul patch. 

Unfortunately, Urban didn’t win in the actual Grammy Award department either. Hey, at least he has the radiant Kidman on his arm.