Grammys: Mic Mishap Mars Opening of Big Lady Gaga, Metallica Duet

A microphone issue for Metallica singer James Hetfield almost sent the performance up in flames before it started.

Clad in jean shorts, chains and a Metallica shirt, Lada Gaga rocked a duet of Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" alongside the rockers. Metallica frontman James Hetfield's mic on the other hand, did not work quite as well. To remedy the situation, the two singers shared a mic.

Both Gaga and Metallica are no strangers to the Grammys, with 35 nominations between them (18 for the hard rockers and 17 for the glam songstress). Metallica was up for best rock song this year for the track "Hardwired" off of their album Hardwiredto Self-Destruct. The band had previously performed a collaborative Grammy performance with Chinese pianist Lang Lang in 2014.

Gaga credited Bradley Cooper, her co-star and director on the upcoming A Star Is Born remake, for the collaboration in an interview with Apple Music Beats 1 host Zane Lowe on Wednesday. "?I was at Bradley [Cooper]'s house with [Metallica drummer and co-founder] Lars [Ulrich] and we were just hanging out. He's amazing," Gaga said. "I went to see them live, I've seen them a couple times live, but I saw them recently … and we were watching the show and I'll tell you something, those guys play better than they've played in their whole lives."

Ahead of her performance Sunday night, Gaga showed her solidarity with Metallica by getting a new tattoo in their honor. The singer posted a photo of her new ink, a large moth with a skull, on her Instagram. The tattoo is an homage to Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" track from their latest album. "The Moth & Metallica," the star captioned the photo.

Watch the performance below.