Grammys: Leon Bridges' Custom Suit Pays Tribute to His Mom and Texas

Jerod Harris/FilmMagic
Leon Bridges

According to the hand drawings covering the yellow corduroy suit by Bode, the singer is single, too.

Proud Texan Leon Bridges didn't just wear his heart on his sleeve at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night — he covered himself in it.

Together with longtime stylist Mac Huelster, the Grammy winner landed on a custom look covered in personalized hand-drawn art paying homage to his home state, among other things, by New York designer Emily Bode of Bode.

"He's not one to chase trends, or wear the biggest designer out there," says Huelster of the soul singer. "He likes wearing things on the come-up."

As they honed in on a look for the red-carpet affair, Bode's senior cords — personalized pieces that riff on a dated tradition of high schoolers drawing on each others' yellow corduroy trousers — immediately came to mind. For each order, clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire and hop on the phone with the designer's studio team to customize their look.

Working with Bode herself, Huelster and Bridges fashioned a full corduroy suit covered in drawings representing various aspects of the singer's life, from his love of Texas (check out the cowgirl) to favorite musicians, his own album artwork and his mother's name. There's even a Ford logo — a nod to the first car Bridges bought while working as a dishwasher before he got his start in music. 

The phrase "Naw I ain't married" also hints at Bridges' current single status.

Huelster rounded out the look with a hat by Stetson and shoes by Gucci.