Grammys: Read the Lyrics of James Corden's Opening Rap Number

"Live it all up, because this is the best / And with President Trump, we don’t know what comes next!"

James Corden opened the 59th Grammy Awards on Sunday night with a big rap that referenced everything from President Donald Trump to Prince.

This came after an epic "fall" down some steps onto the stage at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Below, read his full monologue — and all the lyrics to his rap.

"This is a disaster! What has happened, people? We have rehearsed this, rehearsed this and rehearsed this. I don’t know why you’re still standing here, you can go! My pack’s come out! Right there … geez. Hang on, guys. Guys! We cannot allow this sort of mistakes, can we? This is the Grammys, people, isn’t it? I mean, come on.

[starts rap]

Look around you tonight and realize your fate
Was destined for Grammys, no time for mistakes.
I came in real late, This was my big break.
It’s just the first segment, it still could be great.

Adele kicked it off, sang a big song.
I fell down the stairs, and I knew all along
I’m in over my head, just not that strong.

I’m on 12:30 primetime, it’s just wrong.
A hiccup, a cough, perfection is lost.
A really big night, let’s save at all cost.

Some of the faces like Madame Tussauds.
Beyonce performing, the queen is here, dummy!
Slay the whole stage with twins in her tummy.
Sturgill Simpson is here and Google just crashed
from everyone typing, “Who the hell is that?”
Rihanna and Drake, each could win eight.
They sound good together, I think they should date!
Oh, they did? Did they really? Is that true?
I didn’t know that. How did it work out? Not? OK.


Gaga is here to rock with a band.
Where else could you see all the things that we planned?
All of these singers, and rappers with bars.
Chance from Chicago, Bruno from Mars.
You bump them with ear buds and blast from your cars.
Only one night could hold all these stars!
Sheeran, Lukas, Maren and Demi,
Twenty-One Pilots, I think that you’re ready!

But first tonight there’s people we miss.
The music they made was clearly a gift.
Leonard Cohen and Prince were legends in life.
George Michael, Sharon, Merle, Phife.
Be honest with me: When you were a kid,
did you ever have dreams you’d be invited to this?
Wishes came true, we celebrate you.
You gotta be thankful that this what you do.
Live it all up, because this is the best,
and with President Trump, we don’t know what comes next!

We sit here tonight, no matter our race,
or where we were born or color or face,
using this song remember forever,
we could survive by sticking together.
The passion, fashion, voice and the soul,
talent and Khaled, drums on the roll,
glam and the fans, part of the scene,
Grammys, 2017!

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