Grammys: Things you didn't see on TV

Pink confesses near tumble; Stephen Colbert talks Gaga

Pink confessed she almost took a tumble during her high-flying performance of "Glitter in the Air." The lights on the top of the Staples Center threw her off, she said backstage. "When I came out of the silk, I thought I was going to fall onto my nude butt," she said. "No one ever has another excuse to lip-sync."

Stephen Colbert's idea for Lady Gaga's next outfit? "Spray her down with glue and run her through a Build-a-Bear workshop."

Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill says his family will celebrate the band's record of the year win for "Use Somebody" thusly: "We're getting my mom wasted!" The band says its next album is unlikely to include collaborations because the artists they'd want to collaborate with are all dead. "I'm not big on collaborations. It's a lot of pressure," Followill said.
"The next person on my list to work with, I swear to God, is Carrie Underwood," T-Pain said backstage. "Everyone else can suck it until I work with Carrie Underwood."
Jason Mraz says "Lucky," his best pop collaboration Grammy winner with Colbie Caillat, was written back and forth with her over e-mail. The song's recording was "completely underground, because neither of our labels were into the idea," Mraz said backstage. He added that he lives in a community of family farms near San Diego and has taken up their cause against overdevelopment. His neighbors "were surprised to see me," says Mraz. "I started knocking on doors about a month ago."
In addition to her collaboration with Mraz, Colbie Caillat's "Breathe" with Taylor Swift was up for a Grammy on Sunday. Her next collaborator? Rapper Common. "I want to do a hip-hop or R&B track, and he said he wanted to work with me too," said Caillat.
Why didn't Steve Martin show up to accept his Grammy for best bluegrass album? Martin told producer John McEwan to tell everyone that "he really wanted to be here, but he had a massage appointment," McEwan joked.
Imogen Heap got the news that she'd been nominated for best engineered album for her "Ellipse" via her inner-ear phones while she was performing a concert. She "started screaming," Heap said backstage, showing off her fan-inspired outfit: an LED collar with an electronic ticker of her fans' Twitter messages as well as a purse with a screen showing fans' Twitpics.

India.Arie's mom made her dress for the show -- and the singer convinced her to make a matching purse the night before the Grammys.
Snooki from MTV's "Jersey Shore" said in the hallway at Staples Center, when asked how she was doing: "I'm tired, and I need a drink."

Rather than take another long hiatus from recording, Maxwell is planning a new album for release in November. "I'm going to be all up in your face every day," he said backstage. Expressing gratitude for his two Grammys, Maxwell said his absence was about finding "that place of discomfort to make music again. ... I can't believe this happened from just that pure feeling."

Producer RedOne on Gaga's shutout in major categories: "We're honored to be nominated. ... The numbers speak for themselves. We got two Grammys, and we're very happy. ... We don't think about those we didn't get. We think about those we got." Regarding the Michael Jackson tracks he had been working on before the Kind of Pop's death, RedOne says he's in talks with lawyers because he doesn't want the music released unless it goes to a good cause. "I don't want to make money off of Michael's death."