Grant Morrison signs with ICM

Comic book author was previously at CAA

Comic book author Grant Morrison has signed with ICM.

Morrison, previously at CAA, is one of the leading writers in the comic book industry and among the architects of the current DC universe.

A 20-year industry veteran, his most recent work has been revamping Batman, writing the death of Batman story line and the new best-selling comic “Batman and Robin.” Among his works are runs on titles “X-Men,” “Justice League of America,” “Animal Man” and “Doom Patrol.” His “All-Star Superman” series won multiple Eisner Awards during the past three years.

Morrison also has affected the entertainment industry. His graphic novel “Batman: Arkham Asylum” was the inspiration behind this summer’s best-selling Eidos video game.

In addition, Morrison is consulting and writing treatments on DC Entertainment projects for Warner Bros., a deal that recently brought the writer from his home in Scotland to Los Angeles.

Morrison’s signing signals a deeper push into comic book territory for ICM, coming after the agency landed comic book icon Neal Adams in August. ICM also has artist-creator Todd McFarlane in its ranks.