Graphic novel sitting 'Pretty' at Landscape


Landscape Entertainment has acquired the film rights to the graphic novel "Pretty, Baby, Machine," conceived by Clark Westerman and illustrated by Kody Chamberlain.

Landscape president Bob Cooper will produce, while the company's Brian Truman will oversee the project. Rodney Wilson and Westerman will exec produce.

"Pretty, Baby, Machine," first published in May, is a mystery thriller that takes place during Prohibition in 1933. Gangsters Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly band together to take down reigning kingpin Al Capone.

" 'Pretty, Baby, Machine' is a fabulous story with compelling characters and stunningly beautiful graphics that we feel will resonate with audiences worldwide," Cooper said.

Westerman, repped by the Phoenix Organization, is a producer on the film adaptation of "I, Lucifer." Chamberlain illustrated "30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales," which Sony turned into a feature film last year. (partialdiff)