Graphic novels in picture for new Framelight


Fanboys with a taste for edgy comic and graphic novel adaptations will be served by Framelight Prods., a new filmmaking outfit.

Producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson Jr. have launched the shingle with options on several properties, including the Marvel Comics tale "Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy" from "G.I. Joe" author Larry Hama. Framelight plans to produce six to eight films during the next five years in the $20 million-$80 million range, focusing on strong stories with powerful characters.

The company intends to add video game and toy properties to its list of film adaptations.

Framelight has set up offices in Norristown Studios, a 300,000-square-foot studio and soundstage facility being built in Pennsylvania. It will establish a West Coast office in the near future. (partialdiff)