'Gravity' Trailer Recut as Romantic Comedy (Video)

Warner Bros. Pictures

A new video refashions the space thriller as a funny love story between Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's characters.

Despite starring two highly desirable stars in Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, Gravity is not a romantic comedy.

But what if the hit space thriller was a funny love story?

Those who've seen the film know there aren't many light-hearted moments in its tense 90 minutes, but that's not the case in a recut trailer created by Film School Rejects.

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Soundtracked to "Fly Me to the Moon," the alternate take on Gravity features footage from the film with some of Clooney's audio from Intolerable Cruelty and Bullock's audio from Two Weeks Notice, in which she played a woman working with a character named George played by Hugh Grant (Clooney's Gravity character is actually named Matt).

Interspersed with rom-com lines like "Your husband had told me you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met; I didn't expect the most beautiful woman I'd ever met" and "I think you are the most selfish human being on the planet" are comical sound effects as Clooney and Bullock encounter physical obstacles in space -- moments that aren't so funny in the film.

The video characterizes Gravity as a movie about two astronauts who start out as enemies and end up "over the moon" about each other.

Watch the full trailer below.