CNN-Incubated Video Network Great Big Story Launches

A Great Big Story - H 2015
Courtesy of A Great Big Story

In spite of its big-media ties, the network bills itself as a place for millennials to discover overlooked and previously untold stories.

CNN is putting its big-media muscle behind a new startup designed for millennials who have an appetite for stories not being covered by traditional media outlets. 

Great Big Story, which launched Tuesday, is an online video network that will leverage social media to distribute its slate of stories that explore "the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing." 

The New York-based company was co-founded by CNN executives Andrew Morse and Chris Berend and has received backing from Time Warner's CNN and Turner. But Great Big Story is keeping its distance from its traditional media partners, with 30 employees operating out of a separate office as an independent LLC. "Think of CNN like a sugar daddy we see on the weekends," the company, which is made up of BuzzFeed, Vox, Vice and ABC veterans, explains in its publicity materials. 

At launch, Great Big Story features an interview with businesswoman Lisa Frank, a video about flying in a hurricane and a story about a model who has walked the runway as both a man and a woman. 

Great Big Story's videos — it will release three to five each day — will live on the company's website and app, as well as on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Roku and Apple TV.  

Great Big Story is also working with CAA to connect with talent and brands.