'The Great Gatsby' Trailer Presents Leonardo DiCaprio and Empty Grandeur in 3D (Video)

The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Carey Mulligan - P 2012
Warner Bros.

The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Carey Mulligan - P 2012

The Baz Luhrmann-directed adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic unveils a sweeping first look.

With its computer animation, rap-and-rock soundtrack and promise of shots that pop through a third dimension and maybe even fourth, Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby would seem a hundred years' updated from the Great American Novel, if not for its Coolidge-era grandiosity and period-appropriate costuming.

The clarity of the shots, the nods to modern crime dramas and artificial landscapes would then seem to clash with its 1920s setting, but in an America that is today straddling the oppulence of Jay Gatsby and the post-Crash poverty of a decade later, there is something appropriate about the juxtaposition. Whether it works remains to be seen, but the first look at the film, due this coming Christmas, does not hide its scope, at the very least.

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The first trailer focuses on Leonardo DiCaprio seemingly playing a Gatsby more intense than the original book offers, and Carey Mulligan as a flighty and flirty Daisy Buchanan, who is as devious as she is genteel. There are nods to Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher, while Tobey Maguire, who as Nick Carraway is the eyes through which the story is perceived, largely marvels at the extravagance of his new friend.

Watch the trailer below: