Green Day to Release Live Album and DVD

Green Day - Green Day With The Bravery Perform In Chicago - 2009
Lyle A. Waisman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Titled "Awesome as Fuck," the CD and bonus DVD set includes 17 performances from the band's 2009-2010 world tour. Additional tracks are available through digital retailers.

Grammy-winning rock band Green Day will release Awesome As Fuck, a live album featuring performances from the band's 2009-2010 world tour, on March 22nd, Reprise Records announced Thursday. The set includes a bonus DVD shot at the band’s show in Tokyo, Japan. 

Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown tour received rave reviews from critics and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It also won a 2009 Grammy Award for best rock album and has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide. 

The live CD features many of Green Day's biggest hits, including "American Idiot,” “When I Come Around,” and “Good Riddance.” Additional exclusive tracks will be made available to iTunes and other digital retailers, among them: "Letterbomb" and "Christie Road." See full track listing and trailer below. 

1. 21st Century Breakdown - (London, England)

2. Know Your Enemy - (Manchester, England)

3. East Jesus Nowhere - (Glasgow, Scotland)
4. Holiday - (Dublin, Ireland)
5. Gloria - (Dallas, Texas)
6. Cigarettes And Valentines - (Phoenix, Arizona)
7. Burnout - (Irvine, California)
8. Pasalaqua - (Chula Vista, California )
9. JAR - (Detroit, Michigan - August 23rd 2010)
10. Holden Caulfield - (New York, New York)
11. Geek Stink Breath - (Saitama-shi, Japan)
12. When I Come Around - (Berlin, Germany)
13. She - (Brisbane, Australia - December 8th 2009)
14. 21 Guns - (Mountain View, California)
15. American Idiot - (Montreal, QUE)
16. Wake Me Up - (Nickelsdorf, Austria)
17. Good Riddance - (Nickelsdorf, Austria)