Green going to the Disney 'Dogs'


Seth Green has joined the cast of "Old Dogs," the John Travolta-Robin Williams comedy Walt Becker is directing for the Walt Disney Co.

"Dogs" is a buddy comedy revolving around two best friends and business partners whose lives are turned upside down when they find themselves taking care of 7-year-old twins.

Green will play an executive with the global marketing firm run by Travolta and Williams' characters as they are closing a big deal with a Japanese conglomerate. He is eager to prepare for his move to Tokyo and show off his Harvard MBA and Japanese cultural skills.

David Diamond and David Weissman wrote the script. Tapestry's Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams and Robert L. Levy are producing.

Kristin Burr and Casey Wolfe are overseeing for the studio.

Green has been in movies with Travolta, including "Be Cool" and "Austin Powers in Goldmember," though not in the same scene.

Although initially best known for the "Austin Powers" movies, Green has found success co-executive producing, co-directing and co-writing "Robot Chicken," the stop-motion animation parody sketch series he and Matthew Senreich created for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Season 3 debuts Aug. 12.

Last month, Green directed George Lucas in the "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" special.

Green is repped by Endeavor, Koopman Management and attorney David Weber.