$18.5 Mil 'Green Hornet' Flies to Top of Int'l Box Office

David Strick
The Green Hornet

"Hereafter" and "The Tourist" stay strong at No. 2 and No. 4, respectively, as "Black Swan" makes its int'l debut at No. 3.


UPDATED: Expanding its international reach by 10 overseas territories, Sony's The Green Hornet took definitive control of the No. 1 box office spot on the foreign theatrical circuit with a weekend gross of $18.5 million drawn from 4,700 venues in 47 markets.

Director Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan made its overseas debut via 20th Century Fox at 962 screens in nine markets for $11.6 million, sufficient for a No. 3 weekend ranking.

The vehicle for Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman as a ballerina in a death spiral opened No. 1 in Germany ($2.8 million from 306 screens), No. 2 in the U.K. ($4.4 million from 356 sites) and No. 3 in Australia ($2.5 million from 168 situations).

Hornet ranked No. 1 in at least five of its new markets. Biggest territory for the 3D reworking of the popular radio series about a masked vigilante and sidekick Kato was Australia, where the first place opening drew $3 million from 286 sites.

In Mexico, the first place debut of the Seth Rogen vehicle generated $2.5 million from 708 locations. A second Germany round drew a No. 2 ranking with $2.7 million collected from 616 venues for a market cume of $7.7 million. A No. 3 finish in its Japan opener yielded $1.8 million from 459 locations.

Hornet was declared the prior weekend's No. 1 title only to be dropped to a third-place ranking in its international debut when final foreign numbers for all films were tallied. Hornet's 12-day foreign gross total now stands at $37.5 million versus $63 million collected in the U.S. and Canada.

Placing No. 2 was Warner Bros.' Hereafter, which garnered $13.1 million from some 2,000 screens in 29 markets, pushing its overseas cume to $29 million. Director Clint Eastwood's supernatural drama opened No. 1 in France ($5.3 million from some 460 screens) and strongly in Spain ($3.7 million from 356 sites). Germany and Australia open this week.

Finishing fourth on the weekend was Relativity Media-GK Films-Spyglass Ent.-Studio Canal's The Tourist, handled by Sony in most foreign markets. Weekend take for the Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie costarring vehicle was $10.8 million from some 3,740 screens in 60 markets. Overseas gross total since the thriller opened offshore on Dec. 9 comes to $139.2 million.

No. 5 is The Weinstein Co.'s co-production The King's Speech, which took in $9.8 million from 877 screens in 10 territories for a foreign cume to date of $49.8 million. The historical drama starring Colin Firth as Britain's King George VI with a speech problem finished No. 1 in the U.K. via Momentum, generating generated $7.1 from 502 locations for a three-round market cume of $29.3 million. Australia and New Zealand via Paramount added another $2.3 million from 236 sites.

Disney Animation's Tangled, which finished No. 2 in the prior weekend, grossed $9.5 million drawn from 4,188 venues in 35 territories. Disney claims that overseas gross so far for the 3D animation reworking of the classic Rapunzel tale "on a consolidated basis in comparable territories over the like time frame" is 46% ahead of DreamWorks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon, last year's 10th biggest title with a gross total of $277.5 million.

Tangled has generated $231.8 million overseas. Its worldwide total stands at $418.1 million. Openings in the U.K. and South Africa are due on Friday (Jan. 28).

Tallying $7.79 million from 3,247 venues in 46 territories was Fox's Gulliver's Travels in 3D with Jack Black starring as the Swiftian protagonist. Travels has a foreign cume so far of $113.2 million.

Decisively taking over the top spot in Italy was director Giulio Manfredonia's comedy Qualunquemente, starring Sergio Rubini as a corrupt businessman who returns to his native Calabria to become a mayoral candidate under the slogan "more sex for everyone." Opening round for the 01 Distribution release took in $7.2 million from 551 screens.

Grossing $7 million on the weekend from some 3,978 overseas locations was Paramount's Little Fockers. The third title in the Meet The Parents comedy franchise pushed its foreign gross total to $146 million. After five stanzas in the market, the film's U.K. total comes to $29.2 million.

Fox's romantic comedy Love & Other Drugs, playing 2,392 situations in 30 territories, drew $6.9 million on the weekend for a foreign cume of $44.2 million.

The prior weekend's No. 1 title overseas was Disney's Tron: Legacy, which also landed $6.9 million from 5,929 venues in 48 territories this time.

With about 80% of the foreign market behind it, the 3D sequel to 1982's Tron has amassed a gross total of $181 million. Biggest weekend market was China, which provided $3.5 million, as per Disney, for a market cume of $14.3 million.

Warner's family-oriented animation title Yogi Bear pushed its overseas cume to $23.2 million thanks to a $6.3 million weekend from some 1,900 screens in 15 markets. Its second Australia round provided $2.5 million from 383 sites for a market cume of $9 million.

The No. 2 title in Italy is Medusa Film's smash comedy starring Checco Zalone Ma che bella giornata (But What a Beautiful Day). Third round at 655 locations generated $5.8 million for a market cume of $51.6 million. Sony reports that its local language Russian-made comedy, Samyy Luchshiy Film 3 (Very Best Movie 3), opened strongly in Russia, drawing $5.4 million from 909 locations.

Fox's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader pushed its overseas cume to $267.2 million thanks to a $4.6 million weekend at 3,938 venues in 47 markets.

DreamWorks Animation's Megamind drew $2.1 million from 565 spots in its second Korea round for a market cume of $6.3 million. Weekend overall for the Paramount release came to $4.5 million from a total of 2,724 situations in 40 markets. Foreign cume stands at 165.2 million.

Sony's Burlesque pushed its foreign cume to $31 million after a $3.5 million weekend at 1,137 screens in 35 territories. Paramount's Morning Glory, a comedy starring Rachel McAdams about the vicissitudes of morning television, opened No. 8 in the U.K. and Ireland with $837,706 drawn from 374 screens. Weekend overall provided $3.9 million from 1,991 sites in 15 territories for an overseas cume of $12.5 million.

Universal's The Dilemma, director Ron Howard's comedy costarring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, which finished No. 3 in the U.S. and Canada, opened No. 4 in the U.K. and Ireland with $1.76 million lured from 419 locations. Weekend overall came up with $2.9 million from 787 dates in a dozen markets for an early foreign cume of $5.46 million. Openings in nine market including Germany are due this week.

In France, Metropolitan Filmexport's release of Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman finished No. 3 in its second market round with an estimated $1.8 million drawn from 244 sites. Overseas cume stands at about $20 million.

Top grossing local language title in France for the second straight weekend was Gaumont's No. 2-ranked Le Fils a Jo, a rugby-themed comedy directed and scripted by former rugby star Philppe Guillard. Weekend's estimated take was $1.9 million from 461 screens for a market cume of $5 million. Fox's local language acquisition, mob drama Vallanzasca Gli Angeli Del Male, opened No. 5 in Italy with $1.3 million drawn from 304 screens.

For the second consecutive round, Sony's The Social Network grabbed the No. 1 box office spot in Japan. Weekend take was $2 million from 329 locations for a market cume so far of $6.17 million. Foreign gross total for the film is $113.4 million.

Other international cumes: Warner Bros.' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, $651.1 million (after a $2.5 million weekend); Fox's Unstoppable, $82.2 million; Universal's Devil, $25.8 million; Mars Distribution's La chance de ma vie (The Chance of My Life), $6.4 million over three rounds in France only; Sony's How Do You Know, $2.3 million; Universal's Last Night, $1.5 million over 11 days in Russia only; Studio Canal's Les Emotifs Anonymes, $8.8 million over five rounds in France only; The Weinstein Co. and other distributors' The Concert, $40 million; and Lionsgate's The Next Three Days, $27.6 million.

Also, Focus Features' The Kids Are All Right, $4.3 million; DreamWorks Animation/Paramount's Shrek Forever After in 3D, $511.9 million; Universal's Despicable Me, $292 million (worldwide, $543.6 million); The Weinstein Co.'s Blue Valentine, $1.65 million; Focus Features/Universal's The American, $31.3 million; Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2, $86.9 million; The Weinstein Co.'s The Fighter, $2.7 million; Universal's Charlie St. Cloud, $16.5 million; Paramount's Let Me In, $393,646 in Mexico opener at 250 screens; Focus Features/Universal's Biutiful, $11 million; Universal's Bruc, $1.55 million over 31 days in Spain only; Focus Features' Another Year, $8.76 million; Universal's Julia's Eyes, $9.8 million; and Focus Features' Somewhere, $4.8 million.