'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' Premiere: What The Critics Are Saying (Video)

The Cartoon Network show aired its first episode Friday to largely positive reviews.

2011 is the year of Green Lantern. The DC Comics character had its big-screen debut this summer starring Ryan Reynolds, and now, the superhero is finding a home on the small screen as well. . 

On Friday, the Cartoon Network aired its first episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, starring familiar comic character Hal Jordan, as Earth's interstellar policeman.

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Here's what critics are saying about the new series. 

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series has all the right animation players lined up," says Wired. "Voiceover champs like Tom KennyKevin Michael RichardsonGrey DeLisle and Josh Keaton (who plays Hal Jordan) are on board. But it remains to be seen whether they can carry a hero whose cultural capital is beginning to fade. Whether that’s because of overexposure or a lack of ambition and empathy has yet to be decided."

USA Today writes, "The series makes viewers feel the emotional weight that comes with being a Green Lantern and their important role in maintaining law and order in the universe, so the villains had to be equally powerful. And while they won't be gory, there will be fatalities: One Green Lantern dies in battle in the first few minutes of the series, and another makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others."

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"Green Lantern may not be as popular as his fellow Justice Leaguers Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but in comic-book circles, he's a fan favorite with a vibrant decades-long history in the pages of DC Comics. Though the character's theatrical debut last summer was underwhelming, a new TV adventure finally gives the character his due" TV Guide reviews, calling the show "fast-paced and eye-popping" to boot.

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series is everything you’d hope for from a Warner Bros Animated series featuring characters from DC Comics," opines Buzz Focus. "The story focuses on adult themes, such as death and sacrifice, yet moves along at a quick pace with enough pockets of humor to attract younger audiences. DC’s first venture into CG delivers vibrant visual character designs that are reminiscent of Pixar’s The Incredibles. This series is easily poised to be one of Warner Animations best portrayals of a comic franchise." 

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Entertainment Weekly says, "The production does a good job of balancing the info needed to educate newbies and action designed to satisfy those in the know. I also appreciated that the dialogue was neither a string of wisecracks in the manner of the Ryan Reynolds-powered movie, nor the jumble of mock-heroic-poetry babble that much of the dialogue in the variousGreen Lantern comics titles can be."

Watch a clip of the series debut below.