'Green Lantern' Fares Better with Fans Than Critics

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Though it received a B CinemaScore, the superhero pic still faces the challenge of appealing beyond the fanboy demographic.

Critics may have panned Green Lantern, but moviegoers gave the 3D superhero pic a B CinemaScore, once again pointing out the divide between reviewers and the population at large.

Either way, the challenge for Warner Bros. going forward is to expand the movie’s appeal beyond just fanboys.

According to Friday night polling, 64%  of those buying tickets for Green Lantern were males. Also, the majority of those going to see the film were over the age of 25.

In terms of allure, most of the audience, or 50%, were drawn to Green Lantern because of the film’s subject matter.

Roughly 25% of the opening night audience turned out to see Ryan Reynolds in the role of superhero.

Green Lantern was converted to 3D in post-production, hoping to cash in on the extra charge for a 3D ticket. But so far, it’s looking like most moviegoers are choosing to see the film in 2D.

Green Lantern grossed $21.6 million at the Friday box office, and is expected earn $60 million for the weekend domestically.

Overseas, Green Lantern is off to a soft start in markets including the U.K. and Russia.