Green sheen on EMA noms


"Evan Almighty," "Fast Food Nation," "Happy Feet" and "Miss Potter" are the nominees for best feature film in the Environmental Media Association Awards, which honor environmentally friendly television and film programs.

The EMA nominees for TV episodic comedy are NBC's "My Name Is Earl," CBS' "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and Fox's "The Simpsons," while ABC's "Boston Legal," NBC's "Law & Order: SVU" and CBS' "Numbers" are nominated in the episodic drama category.

Other nominees include "Arctic Tale," "Big Ideas for a Small Planet: WEAR," "Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life" and "King Corn" for best documentary; "Living With Ed," "Pimp My Ride," "Project Runway" and "This Old House" for reality program; and "Bindi the Jungle Girl," "Cake" and "It's a Big, Big World" for children's live action.

The EMA awards, set for Oct. 24 at the Ebell Club in Los Angeles, will be broadcast at 8 p.m. Nov. 7 on E!