Greenpeace Calls on Netflix to Use Renewable Energy Via Spoof Ad

'Stranger Things'

Cuts of 'Stranger Things,' 'House of Cards,' Narcos' and more are spliced into a Netflix-style commercial asking the SVOD giant to stop using "dirty power" to run its data centers.

"Why would they do that?" asks Krysten Ritter in a segment from Jessica Jones

"It doesn't make any sense," adds Boyd Holbrook's Narcos DEA agent. 

"When was this decision made?" chirps in Frank Underwood. "Why wasn't I part of the conversation?"

Splicing together clips from across Netflix's slate of shows into a very Netflix-style commercial, environmental charity Greenpeace has fired a shot at the SVOD giant, urging it to commit to renewable energy. 

Uploaded to YouTube late Thursday, the "Green Netflix" video, which also uses elements from Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and others, is part of a new campaign by Greenpeace explaining how Netflix "continues to rely on dirty fuels like coal" to run its data centers. 

"Tell Netflix to switch to 100% renewable energy," it says, while on the campaign website the charity claims to have already pressured Facebook, Apple and Google to go green.

"Netflix has already changed TV for the better," it concludes. "Now let's help them change the world."

See the spoof commercial below.