Greg Maffei's 2011 Compensation as Liberty Media, Liberty Interactive CEO: $6.5 Million

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Chairman John Malone's Liberty Media compensation amounted to $535,807.

Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei received compensation of about $6.5 million from Liberty Media and Liberty Interactive in 2011, according to regulatory filings on Monday.

His Liberty Interactive compensation of $3.3 million was down from $6.4 million. But he also received $3.2 million from Liberty Media, which was created in September when the company put together its former Liberty Capital and Liberty Starz tracking stocks and split them off from Liberty Interactive, whose core asset is home shopping network QVC. The value of the combined compensation package was only slightly higher than his 2010 pay.

Liberty Interactive disclosed that it owned an apartment in New York City that was primarily used for business purposes and that was assigned to Liberty Media in the  split-off. "Mr. Maffei makes use of this apartment and a company car and driver for personal reasons," it said in its filing. "From time to time, we also pay the cost of miscellaneous shipping and catering expenses for Mr. Maffei."

The 2011 compensation of Liberty founder and chairman John Malone, who owns 33.4 percent of the voting power at Liberty Interactive, is harder to gauge.

Liberty Media listed his 2011 compensation since September at $535,807, while the Liberty Interactive filing didn't disclose his earnings. In 2010, Liberty Interactive had reported his compensation at $1.5 million.


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