Gregory Peck's Grandson Stars in Ferragamo's New Fashion Film

Ethan Peck in Ferragamo Fashion Film - H 2015
Courtesy of YouTube/Salvatore Ferragamo

The handsome Ethan Peck spills on starring in the Italian luxury label's new short.

Fans of Ethan Peck may recognize the star for his roles in the TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You and the films Eden and Nothing Left to Fear, and now they'll be able to find him in Salvatore Ferragamo's new fashion film, Coming Home to Hollywood, which celebrates the brand's 100-year anniversary and its longtime love affair with Tinseltown.

As the star of the two-minute-long short, Peck says his late grandfather, onscreen legend Gregory Peck, inspired him to take part in the film.

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"I know he and Ferragamo collaborated many years ago. I have the unique situation of being his grandson, hence, I'm gratefully the recipient of some special opportunities such as this," Peck told Pret-a-Reporter. "I myself, however, am also becoming more engaged with the fashion world, so I take some responsibility, too."

Being part of the fashion short was particularly special for Peck since it also led him to own something from the brand for the first time.

"The first Ferragamo piece I've ever owned is the suit you see me wearing in the video! The generous people at Ferragamo saw it as so fitting for me personally, and that's also why it is and always will be special," shared the 29-year-old actor, who also appeared in a fashion film for Louis Vuitton in 2012.

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Peck appreciates the Italian luxury label for "their loyalty to their origins. I think it takes a lot of integrity to stay classy after so many years as the world continues to change and restructure." He added, "And, of course, they have exquisite clothing."

The actor, who was born and raised in Hollywood ("near Fairfax and Sunset"), shared that one of his most memorable moments in the biz so far involved seeing Skyfall actor Javier Bardem.

"I can't say I have had a ton of Hollywood exposure, as strange as that sounds. But by pure happenstance, I trailed Javier Bardem on a red carpet at a film festival in Palm Springs years ago. He's one of my idols, and I endeavor to walk an artistic path similar to his own," he said. "There was a level of metaphorical symbolism that I grabbed hold of that night, and it keeps me motivated."

Watch Peck star in Ferragamo's flick below or check it out on the website here.