Greta Gerwig Explains Why She's Excited for 'Mudbound' at the Oscars

The 'Lady Bird' director gave a shout-out to the first female cinematography nominee, Rachel Morrison, at THR's sixth annual Nominees Night.

Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and the film’s star, Laurie Metcalf, opened up about the “fortuitous” timing of their film given the current climate for women on Monday at The Hollywood Reporter’s sixth annual Nominees Night party.  

“The timing is certainly very fortuitous,” said Metcalf. “Greta not only wrote but directed this, Saoirse [Ronan] is the star — it’s driven by really strong, complex female relationships, and I think everyone’s responding to it.”

While Gerwig is only the fifth woman to ever be nominated for the best director Oscar, she says changes are happening for women in all areas of filmmaking. She cited cinematographer Rachel Morrison, who received an Oscar nomination for her work on Mudbound, as proof of that shift.  

“Honestly one thing I’m thrilled about — I’m obviously so honored and humbled by the recognition I’ve gotten and the film’s gotten — but [the] first female nominee for cinematography,” Gerwig explained. “It’s a big moment where everything shifting, and I’m just so excited to be a part of it and to be making movies while it’s happening.”