Greta Van Susteren Is Not Ready to Leave TV

Greta Van Susteren - Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit Day 3 - Getty - H 2017
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

One America News Network has been floated as a possible landing spot.

Generally, when big-time television news stars and newspaper/magazine editors are pushed out or resign on their own accord, they publicly express a desire to "take some time" to think about their next move and consult with their families. But, after being ousted by MSNBC late last week, Greta Van Susteren quickly made it clear — on Twitter — that she'd welcome another hosting job.

"Since I got fired, of course I will entertain any job offers that come my way," she told The Hollywood Reporter Thursday when asked about potential employers.

Van Susteren has hosted shows on all three of the big cable networks — CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. So, her next employer might be a name that's less familiar to the average TV viewer. Last week, several of her fans on Twitter suggested that she consider conservative upstart One America News Network, and she seemed open to it. 

"Greta is a strong brand and I’m sure she’ll have plenty of opportunities moving forward," said Charles Herring, president of OANN parent company Herring Broadcasting, when asked by THR if the company has approached Van Susteren.

OANN, as has been previously reported, made an offer to former Fox News star Bill O'Reilly but ended up pulling it after not hearing back from him or his representatives. "We remain interested in O’Reilly, [Sean] Hannity, and a few others, but we'll wait until they are ready to have meaningful discussions," Herring said Thursday.

On Twitter and on his radio show, conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt recently suggested that Van Susteren could end up joining the White House's communications team. "I'm betting @Greta that the phone rings from 1600, ala Tony Snow for W," Hewitt tweeted on Monday, referencing the late Tony Snow, who was a regular presence on Fox News Channel before serving as George W. Bush's press secretary for about a year and a half. THR has not heard back from the White House about whether Van Susteren is being considered for any comms shop vacancies.

"She would be an asset anywhere she went, though in the age of President Trump, she would be a great fit for an OANN, NewsMax, TheBlaze, Salem, Sinclair (including Circa), or anywhere else," said Carrie Sheffield, the founder of Bold, a digital news network. "If she was feeling super ambitious she could start something like TheBlaze or Oprah Winfrey Network, or something a little less ambitious like what Bill O'Reilly appears to have in the works, more of a one-man band. I have no doubt she'll find an innovative way to keep connecting and serving global audiences."