Gretchen Carlson Getting Another Television Gig

Gretchen Carlson - Hearst 100 Luncheon - Getty-H 2017
Rob Kim/Getty Images

The former Fox News anchor talks with The Hollywood Reporter about returning to television and trying to get a bill passed by Congress.

Gretchen Carlson's return to television is kicking into a higher gear with a new project or gig — but she isn't quite ready to say what it is. 

"There will be more news to come," she told The Hollywood Reporter on the sidelines of the First Amendment Awards in Washington, D.C. Carlson wouldn't specify whether her forthcoming gig is in cable news, where she worked for decades, or in broadcast TV. "Stay tuned for other announcements in TV," she said.

The former Fox News anchor had already signed up as a correspondent and executive producer for the second season of the Epix show America Divided, which was announced late last month.

This week, Carlson is finishing up the shooting of her episode of the docuseries, which she said will air in May. She called it "an amazing re-entry into television" for her.

Asked if was difficult to transition back to the medium after a few years off air, Carlson said, "Listen, after everything I've been through, doing TV is easy."

Norman Lear, who is returning for a second season as the show's executive producer, approached her about participating. "It was an amazing experience working with him, because he's so iconic, and he gave me great advice," she said.

Carlson's segment focuses on her work to pass a bill — The Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Act of 2017 — that would invalidate forced arbitration clauses in employment contracts. At the dinner on Thursday night, Carlson was seated next to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who is co-sponsoring the bill and presented an award to Carlson.

Because her episode of the show was shot "in real time," it follows along as Sen. Al Franken, who originally co-sponsored Carlson's bill, was accused of sexual misconduct and ended up announcing his resignation from the Senate.

Carlson said her bipartisan bill (Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is co-sponsoring it) is "doing fantastic." "We're incredibly optimistic about it passing, and then it goes to Trump's desk," she said. She added, "I wasn't going to put my face out there unless I thought it could pass."