Trevor Noah, Larry Wilmore Skewer Roger Ailes Over Gretchen Carlson Sexual Harassment Claims

The 'Nightly Show' host also pointed out that he predicted she'd be fired for saying she'd support a ban on assault weapons.

Larry Wilmore and Trevor Noah took Roger Ailes to task on their respective Comedy Central shows on Thursday night, each discussing the sexual harassment lawsuit that Gretchen Carlson filed against him.

Wilmore began his Nightly Show by pointing out that Carlson was let go shortly after he predicted she would be fired for saying she'd support a ban on assault weapons.

After joking that he called it, he turned his focus to the lawsuit. He said Carlson's "accusations are far too creepy to ignore."

"We don't want to jump to any conclusions," cautioned Wilmore. "It's just a classic case of she said, it said."

He congratulated Ailes for winning "The Nightly Show's Inaugural Ain't Nobody Surprised You're a Creepy Ass Motherf—er Award," bringing out a gold trophy of a naked butt with a hand on it.

"Oh and by the way, we all know you did it," said Wilmore.

Trevor Noah, meanwhile, introduced The Daily Show's coverage with a Game of Thrones joke.

"You know when something you always assumed was going to happen finally happens—and yet when it actually does happen, you’re still surprised?” asked Noah. "Like seeing Jon Snow come back to life after months of rumors that he would. You knew he was going to come back but as soon as he came back you were like 'Oh s--t he came back to life!'

“That’s how we felt yesterday when this happened,” he said, showing media coverage of Carlson's lawsuit.

He joked that one of the things liberals and conservatives can see eye to eye on is that Ailes is "unf—able." He gave "props to Gretchen Carlson" for coming forward, noting that doing so takes courage. "Even more courage than it would take to have sex with him," he said.

After comparing Ailes to Jabba the Hutt, Noah discussed Ailes' response to the lawsuit, in which he claimed that Carlson's ratings were bad.

However, Noah claimed Carlson's ratings were actually better than those of her cable-network rivals. "Bigger numbers is bad?" Noah asked. "I think you're thinking of golf." He also described Fox News as a network that “devotes 30 percent of programming to women’s legs.”

Noah said, “I’m inclined to believe Gretchen Carlson, not because we know what happens behind the camera at Fox News but because we definitely know what happens in front of it.”

Then he proceeded to show a supercut of sexist Fox News coverage, including a moment where Carlson walked offstage in protest.