'Grey' areas are tackled

Rhimes looks ahead to spinoff

There are no hard feelings on her part, said Shonda Rhimes, creator/exec producer of "Grey's Anatomy," regarding the departure of Isaiah Washington.

The actor did not get his contract renewed after allegedly using an anti-gay slur against co-star T.R. Knight. Washington has since signed on for a four-episode arc on NBC's new series "Bionic Woman."

"I don't have a reaction," Rhimes said Thursday when asked about Washington's latest career move during a session on the last day of the Television Critics Assn.'s summer press tour.

Rhimes was there to promote her new series, "Private Practice," a spinoff of "Grey's Anatomy."

"He's a very talented actor," she said of Washington. "I hope 'Bionic Woman' does well (with him) — just not as well as 'Private Practice.' "

Washington wasn't the only problem Rhimes faced during Season 2 of "Grey's Anatomy." Fans complained that the show had grown darker than they wished.

"It was a darker journey," Rhimes conceded. "It was a difficult season for us behind the scenes, but creatively, we moved in the direction we planned to move. … I want to get back to enjoying it and having fun."

Rhimes said she had the idea for a spinoff in September and sold ABC on the idea within a couple of months. Now she is splitting her time between the two series, concentrating mainly on writing, though none of her stories will involve character crossovers, she said.