'Grey's Anatomy' Musical Episode Sparks Mixed Reaction on Twitter

Grey's Anatomy Musical 2011

Star Sara Ramirez gets high praise, while one Twitter user calls it the "BEST EPISODE OF GREY'S ANATOMY EVER!!!!!!" and another opines that it featured "bland and gorrific singing."

Grey's Anatomy's musical episode aired Thursday night, and viewers immediately took to Twitter to post their thoughts.

In fact, Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie on the ABC medical soap, was a top 10 trending topic on the site.

Among those who enjoyed the singing were Stephanie Shehan, who tweeted: "Grey's Anatomy was amazing tonight! Who knew they had so many talented singers!"

"BEST EPISODE OF GREY'S ANATOMY EVER!!!!!!" seconded Madison Mac.

Added David Moyer: "Loved the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy!!!!"

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Fans also praised Ramirez, who won a Tony Award in 2005 for her role in Monty Python's Spamalot. The Grey's episode was built around her character, who chimed in on songs including the Fray's "How to Save a Life," Jesus Jackson's "Running on Sunshine" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars."

"This is gonna be HUGE for Sara Ramirez. She's a freakin superstar!" wrote Fru.

Added Leslie Prestia: "Think the music was a bit of a distraction at times on Greys but glad it gave the chance for Sara Ramirez to shine. 1 of nicest celebs I met"

Of course, there were many viewers who weren't as impressed with the episode.

"Seriously? Grey's Anatomy as a musical? Major #fail - I'm so annoyed and I'm only 5 minutes in!" Melissa Yao Hille tweeted.

"So the Grey's Anatomy Music Event was disappointing, but good job Sara Ramirez though," Seyi A. Bajo tweeted.

"All of the bland and gorrific singing on tonight's Grey's Anatomy was done by the talentless actors and actors with no one else to blame," wrote Jspina.

"This musical thing on grey's anatomy isnt working for them," wrote Darby Jones.

Still others weighed in with humorous thoughts: "Grey's Anatomy taught me tonight that singing a Brandi Carlisle song to myself while on the brink of death will bring me back to life," wrote Molly Gentry.

Added Allen C.: "There was a House musical, now a Grey's Anatomy musical. I'm glad LOST never did one,I would've hated to hear the smoke monster sing!"

It also seems that some viewers weren't aware of the stunt.

"What is with Grey's Anatomy?" wrote Susan Greenwald, while Emilie Chanin chimed in: "Is grey's anatomy serious? Is this an april fool's joke. #imconfused"

Added Jemmye Carroll: "Am I that High or are the people really singing on Grey's anatomy.... #geekedup"

Danielle Wells quipped: "Can anyone tell my [sic] when Grey's Anatomyturned into Glee???"