Grindr's New Clothing Line Will Benefit LGBTQ Athletes

grindrwear_IG - S 2016

grindrwear_IG - S 2016

The Varsity collection is now available.

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Grindr — the dating app for men — is launching a clothing line with proceeds going to fight discrimination against LGBTQ athletes. 

The Varsity Collection, as it's called, is available for sale online starting Thursday, with nearly 30 items available for purchase including swimming trunks, track pants, sweatshirts, bandanas and even jockstraps. Proceeds from the items priced between $25 and $130 will benefit Athlete Ally's Principle 6 campaign. The campaign began in 2014 as a way to fight Russia's anti-gay laws prior to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


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The clothing is a collaboration with Print All Over Me, which has designed pieces that incorporate references to queer pop-culture and ancient Greek motifs.

"As we keep evolving, we are looking for ways to combine things people enjoy with ways to help the community globally," Grindr creative director Landis Smithers said in a statement. "The collection feels sexy, cheeky, fun, but in the end, all profits are going to an amazing group that helps athletes with the issues the gay community faces all around the world. It felt like a different way to approach sports, and every partner in the mix has been amazing."

If the clothing line is a success, the next question might be whether other dating apps will enter the realm of selling real products.