Group asks FCC to block Nicktoons show

'Zevo-3' from Skechers uses cartoon shoe pitchmen

An advocacy group has asked the FCC to block a soon-to-debut show, "Zevo-3," on Viacom's Nicktoons network, because it stars animated characters originally created to market Skechers shoes to children.

Unless banned, the group argued, the show could pave the way for Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger and other cartoon pitchmen to become stars of their own series and make kids TV into full-length commercials, the Associated Press reported.

The complaint about the show, which is scheduled for an Oct. 11 launch, comes from Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. The series features three super-powered heroes fighting evil in New Eden City. They have previously appeared in comic books and TV commercials promoting Skechers' line of kids footwear.

The complaint argued that the half-hour show would violate a federal limit of 12 minutes of commercial time during children's programming and the FCC's requirement of a clear separation between commercials and other content.

A Nicktoons spokesman told the Associated Press that the show doesn't violate these rules.

A co-executive producer of "Zevo-3" and senior vp of Skechers Entertainment similarly said that her team had worked hard to ensure the show conforms with FCC provisions.
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