Goldman Sachs Twitter Parody Book Scrapped

The book from the @GSElevator feed, supposedly about conversations overheard on elevators at the firm, came under fire when it was revealed the author didn't work there.

Publisher Touchstone has canceled the book based on the Twitter feed @GSElevator following revelations that the author did not work at Goldman Sachs.

The account was said to be tweeting out things overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevator. It sprang up in 2011 and has about 645,000 followers. 
Straight to Hell, a book proposal based on the feed -- think a raunchy The Wolf of Wall Street-like tale of partying, excess and immorality -- was vague on the writer's identity and his work with Goldman. The proposal nabbed what was described as a "mid-six-figure" advance. It was scheduled for publication in October.
Subsequent news reports outed him as John Lefevre, a 34-year-old Asia-based American bond trader. His connection to Goldman is said to be a job he accepted but never started at their Hong Kong office. Lefevre recently relocated back to his native Texas. Now the book has been cancelled. 

A statement from the the publisher said, "In light of information that has recently come to our attention since acquiring John Lefevre's Straight to Hell, Touchstone has decided to cancel its publication of this work."