GSN Network Unveils New Game Shows

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Apolo Ohno

Sony-owned cable network spotlights original programming at upfront presentation.

On Tuesday, the GSN showed off some new game shows that will be coming to the nearly 20-year-old network.

Hoping to win advertising dollars, the GSN Network premiered its coming lineup at an upfront presentation at Sony's headquarters in New York. The cable network is part-owned by Sony Pictures Television and reaches 77 million homes.

Among the new series to be launching is The Chase, where four contestants earn prizes by answering rapid fire questions while contending with Mark Labbett, a quiz show genius known as "The Beast"; Where Have You Been All My Life, a dating show where women choose mates based on pictures and stories of a potential suitor's youth; Mind of a Man, where two female contestants attempt to figure out what men are thinking; and Dance Rivals, a reality show about two competing dance studios.

GSN is largely known for running game shows that first hit it big on broadcast networks, from Family Feud to Minute to Win It, now hosted by Apolo Anton Ohno, but the cable network has recently committed itself to more original programming.

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Among the achievements from the past year was launching the biggest show in the network's history, The American Bible Challenge, as well as selling, for the first time, an original game show called Baggage into syndication.

At the upfront, network executives touted more to come.

On its future slate, GSN is also developing It Takes a Church, a dating show with a twist -- church members try to save women and men from the dating world. The network is also working on The Imposter and You Don't Know What You're Missing, two game shows that center upon home life.

According to the company's research, GSN's audience skews female and has an average age of 47 or 48. The average GSN viewer watches 11 hours of programming per week.

GSN CEO David Goldhill also says his company is a "bit unusual" in that it's in two businesses -- the TV one as well as selling digital games that leverage the company's brands on multiple platforms. He says that GSN's viewership reach will hit 80 million soon, but also highlights that the "digital gaming business will surpass the TV business," leveraging the success of a show like The American Bible Challenge to push a bible game app that has been downloaded a half a million times.

Goldhill adds, "We're truly differentiated in the marketplace."