GSN purrs with 'Cat-minster'


Move over, Fido: Whiskers is finally getting her turn in the spotlight.

Cat lovers around the country will be happy to hear that GSN is putting felines front and center with its telecast of "Cat-minster: CFS International Cat Championship," a two-hour special with an airdate still to be determined. The special, which falls in line with GSN's strategy to continue expanding beyond just game shows into other areas of competition-themed programming as well, will mark the first time the cat competition has been televised.

GSN senior vp marketing Dena Kaplan believes the show has the potential to become an "annual tentpole event" for the network. GSN has similar hopes for another recent initiative, the National Vocabulary Championship.

"Every dog has their day, now it's the 'purr-fect' time for cats to get in the limelight," she said. "GSN is thrilled to capture the exciting world of top feline breeders putting their pedigreed pets, their pride and passion on the line to win the coveted title 'best in show.' "

The 19th Annual Cat Fanciers' Association International Cat Show, the largest international pedigreed cat show in the Western Hemisphere, took place Friday-Sunday in San Mateo County Expo Center in Northern California, with more than 750 cats vying to be named "best in show."

Husband and wife Bob Goen ("Entertainment Tonight") and Marianne Curan ("Landscapers' Challenge") will host the special, which will feature highlights from the competition -- including the agility course, a cat race through hoops, jumps and tunnels -- and also take viewers into the lives of the exhibitors and cats before the event, showing the preparation that goes into the competition.

The special is being produced by Painless Entertainment, which specializes in animal competitions. Jim Casey and Joe Carolei serve as executive producers.

New Naturals from Purina Cat Chow brand cat food has signed on as the main sponsor of the telecast.