Gucci Goes Green With Student-Designed Handbag

A 24-year-old Romanian wins a competition to create an environmentally friendly tote.

Romanian student Laura Popoviciu won a Gucci design competition to create an environmentally friendly handbag, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The 24-year-old's winning idea is a minimalist tote with a removable bamboo handle -- bamboo handles being a signature of Gucci handbags.

The bag folds like origami when flat, and it's environmentally friendly organic cotton. Even the hardware holding the bamboo handle on is nick-free.

The removable handle means you can use it with interchangeable bags in other colors. How smart is that?

But wanted to produce it only in white.

And guess what? Popoviciu already got a job designing handbags for Hermes. People work years to get a job like that!

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