Guest stars for 'House' revealed

THR learns three names, including 'The Good Wife' actor

The list of guest stars on "House" continues to grow.

Dylan Baker ("The Good Wife"), Matthew Lillard and Amy Irving ("Alias") have booked guest spots on the hit Fox drama this season, executive producer Katie Jacobs confirmed to THR at Monday night's Fox Fall Party in West Hollywood.

In addition to those three, Jennifer Grey will also be appearing in the new season, Jacobs said.

The big question when Season 7 premieres Sept. 20 isn't what the latest medical mystery will be, but whether House and Cuddy's new relationship will complicate matters. In the sixth season finale, Cuddy declared her love for the former Vicodin-popping doctor after he witnessed a patient die after a crane collapsed.

"There [are] new reasons for them to be tense," "House" star Lisa Edelstein, who plays hospital head Lisa Cuddy, told THR. "All the things that make House who he is are not the things that are conducive to a great relationship. And she knows that."

Things will get even more intense for the pair now that they are embarking on new ground.

"How do you resolve the fact that you're in love with a guy who's impossible?," Edelstein said. "They struggle with all that stuff, but I think it's very important to see House go through that struggle in the same way he struggled with drugs and the way he struggled with alcohol and his struggle with himself."

Jacobs shared Edelstein's sentiment, noting that the House-Cuddy dynamic will affect their relationship at work for obvious reasons. And House's team will pick up on the pairing. ("Right away everyone's going to know," she said.)

"It's a brand new take on the hospital for us because House and Cuddy work together," Jacobs told THR. "He still has to go to her for permission to move in the hospital, to run certain tests, to take certain chances and when that person that you work for you're sleeping with, you wonder if you're making the same choices, so it's fun. It's unexplored territory."

In the opening scene of the upcoming premiere, House and Cuddy find themselves in an intimate setting, and according to Jacobs, that was the plan all along.

"It's certainly not the same as two people meeting at a bar and going home and having sex," she said, adding that the writers "really wanted to pick it up right where [Season 6] left off."

While Jacobs did not give details on when or how Thirteen (played by Olivia Wilde, who is currently shooting "Cowboys & Aliens") returns into the fold, she said the character will be back this season.
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