A guide to this year's locations trade show


The continent's longest-running entertainment trade show opens its doors for its 24th go-around today.

The Association of Film Commissioners International Locations Trade Show is "truly a global event," says Mary Nelson, board president of the AFCI, which boasts members from 49 countries, spread across six continents. This year the show will feature 240 exhibitors and 180 film commissions, each offering information on everything from incentives to crew to local customs and laws.

Programs include "Digital & Dollars: Production Through Exhibition," a panel on technology's effects on film and television; and "Globalization & Incentives: Film Without Borders," a panel analyzing films that have successfully utilized production incentives in multiple territories. Additionally, continuing education courses will be provided for film commissioners.

While the passage of California's new tax incentives promises that the race for ever-more competitive incentives will continue to be a hot topic at this year's show, Nelson doesn't believe the mood will be affected in a negative way. "Although we are competitors who work hard on behalf of our individual jurisdictions, we are also a community that is always inclined to provide support and encouragement," she notes.

-- Lexie Cook
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