'The Guilt Trip' Trailer: Barbra Streisand Drives Seth Rogen Crazy (Video)

Paramount Pictures

The upcoming comedy tells the story of a mother-son road trip, and all the awkwardness that comes along for the ride.

Move over, Ben Stiller: Barbra Streisand has a new comedy star to smother like a true Jewish mother.

In an odd-yet-perfect pairing, Streisand takes on the role of Seth Rogen's eclectic mother, a mix of neurotic, oblivious, outgoing and lonely due to the long-ago death of her husband. Without much of a dating life -- just like her son -- Rogen decides to take her on a road trip he has planned out to sell the revolutionary environmentally-friendly cleaning solution he has invented.

In case you're wondering, this first glimpse promises a somewhat different journey than that other trip movie hitting theaters soon, On the Road.

The film opens on Christmas Day, perfect for families looking to bond while also getting out their frustrations with one another by proxy on the big screen.