Guns N' Roses show cut short by unruly crowd

Dublin fans hurl bottles after band arrives late for gig

NEW YORK -- After being cut off at Reading Festival and declaring "war" at Leeds Festival this past weekend, Guns N' Roses became the target of even more tour drama Wednesday night during the band's show in Dublin, Ireland. According to an attendee overheard in an online video, fans waited over 90 minutes for the band to take the stage and had grown angry once the band finally arrived.

Chants of "F**k you!" can be heard from the videographer as guitarist DJ Ashba begins the opening riff of "Welcome to the Jungle." Singer Axl Rose was partially through his intro before bottles were beginning to be thrown on stage.

The frontman interrupted the show to warn audience members that if any more bottles were thrown on stage the band would leave. "We want to stay," says Rose. "We want to have some fun. If you don't want to have fun, just let us know."

The concertgoers responded with more bottle-chucking, and the band stayed true to Rose's word. A few minutes later, a spokeswoman announced that there were some "technical difficulties," but that the show would hopefully resume in a few minutes if the crowd calmed down.

The unimpressed crowd responded to the request with a roar, and despite a second announcement asking the audience to "refrain from throwing items at [Rose]," the band never returned to the stage.