Gustad found guilty in asst. director death

Director receives short sentence, fine in train fatality

NEW DELHI -- Indian director Kaizad Gustad has been found guilty and sentenced to a month in jail in connection with the death of his British assistant director, Nadia Khan, six years ago.

The accident happened during the shooting of Gustad's “Mumbai Central,” which was being filmed at a Mumbai railway track when the 26-year-old

Khan was struck and killed by a train. As investigations later indicated, the crew was allotted a separate track with no trains running instead of a “live” platform with regular services, which is where the incident occurred.

After a lenghty trial, the Mumbai Central Railway Court found Gustad guilty late Tuesday and awarded him a one month jail sentence in addition to a fine of 75,000 rupees ($1,500). Five other crew members who were also charged, were acquitted by the court.

But Gustad, 42, will not actually go to jail as the sentence is fewer than three years, and he can get bail with an opportunity to file a plea in a higher court.

When the case was first filed following the accident, Gustad was booked on the more serious charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, the maximum punishment for which is 10 years. Gustad and some of his crew members were briefly arrested before getting bail from the Bombay High Court. In 2009, the original charges were later reduced to a "rash and negligent act".

Gustad initially told police that Khan had died in a road accident.

Gustad's filmography includes offbeat fare like his 1998 breakthrough “Bombay Boys.” However, his 2003 outing “Boom” -- which featured Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan and a cameo by Bo Derek - was panned in addition to being a boxoffice disaster.