Kevin Spacey's 'L.A. Confidential' Co-Star Says He Was a "Handsy Guy"

"Thankfully I was 29 and not 14," Guy Pearce says.

Guy Pearce recently opened up about what it was like working with Kevin Spacey on L.A. Confidential.

Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner, has all but vanished from Hollywood after he was accused by numerous men of sexual misconduct last year. The first accuser was Anthony Rapp, who said Spacey assaulted him when Rapp was 14 and Spacey was 26. 

Pearce and Spacey both starred in the 1997 hit L.A. Confidential.

While visiting Andrew Denton's chat show, the Aussie actor was asked about his time working with Spacey. 

“Yeah…yeah," he began. "Tough one to talk about at the moment. Amazing actor; incredible actor. Mmm. Slightly difficult time with Kevin, yeah," he said according to clips and The Sydney Morning Herald

After a brief pause, he added, “He’s a handsy guy. Thankfully I was 29 and not 14." 

The former star of Netflix's House of Cards has been accused of sexual assault by a number of men in the U.S. and England, with authorities in both countries opening criminal investigations.

Amid the subsequent fallout, Spacey was fired from the Netflix drama and replaced in Ridley Scott’s big-screen crime thriller All the Money in the World.

But he is set to return to theaters, albeit in limited release, in Billionaire Boys Club, which is set to hit the big screen on Aug. 17 following a mid-July VOD debut.