GV, Reve team for 'Mongoose' tale


NEW DELHI -- Chennai-based GV Films, France-based Films du Reve and TF1 International on Thursday announced plans to co-produce a wildlife docudrama revolving around a mongoose family.

Directed by Guillaume Vincent, "Tapati -- The Little Mongoose," will begin filming in India and Sri Lanka in February and is slated for a September release.

"The film's budget is $2.9 million and, in addition to GVF, Films du Reve and TF1 International, we will also include a post-production facility as our fourth partner which could most likely be (Hyderabad-South India) based Digiquest," GV Films vp of marketing and sales Vivek Anand said.

Anand also added that this project is part of a longterm GVF and Films du Reve co-production pact that, "entails a total investment of $20 million, (in which) we plan to produce at least two films per year."

Films du Reve and TF1 International's latest co-production is "White Tuft -- The Little Beaver," based on footage of a beaver family filmed in Canada.

Last May, GV Films acquired about 8,000 titles for $43.56 million from an undisclosed U.K.-based rights holder's offshore investment company Pinewood Films (no relation to Britain's Pinewood Studios).