Stuff Preta Loves: Gwen Stefani's Album-Art Earrings

Courtesy of HL Group

And here's where you, too, can get a hold of her ear candy

Whether Gwen Stefani is strutting around in one of her casually cool, everyday ensembles or sexy red-carpet outfits, we all kind of wish we could dress like her — if not master her signature red pout. The rock star, who released her latest single, "Baby Don't Lie," on Monday, wore a pair of killer stud earrings for the colorful cover art. We already want to pair the earrings with our fall wardrobes.

Styled in a black bodysuit, black-and-white fur coat and checkered nails, Stefani wore a pair of mini black crystal titan studs from Vita Fede, a made-in-Italy jewelry line favored by the likes of Lily Collins, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Banks and Taylor Schilling. Though the black versions currently aren't available at Vita Fede's website, the same Swarovski crystal-encrusted studs can be found in silver, 24k rose gold and 24k gold for $150 each.

Hey, even if this is the closest we'll get to looking like The Voice judge, we'll take it.